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We take our commitment to the evironment seriously. Vytex® based products are made in our zero compromise process which produces less waste and keeps people safe.

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What is Vytex?

Products engineered with Vytex are made with a more sustainable and environmentally process than standard rubber and foam products. In addition they provide a unique comfort and durability that standard latex products cannot touch. The Vytex process also leaves the final product protein free which translates to allergen free (antigenic protein free).

Vytex is a revolutionary plant-based raw material sustainably harvested from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. It is then treated with a non-toxic multi-patented process to virtually eliminate all of the antigenic problem-causing proteins that can result in an allergic reaction to natural rubber latex without the use of harmful chemicals typically found in non-latex alternatives.

This makes Vytex the cleanest rubber product on the market. Vytex can easily be used as a source material for end product applications wherever Natural Rubber Latex, synthetic latex blends, nitrile, and petroleum-based products are used. Vytex is free of petroleum, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), harsh chemical and filler agents.

Vytex is natural, renewable, stronger, and safer.

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